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Arihant Graphics in a Digital Designing and Printing services in Mysore Scince 2001. They expertise in Creative Graphic Designs and printing services. Our overheads are low and our prices are keen. We deal with high profile brands and complicated projects but are equally happy providing solutions for small jobs that pose an intellectual challenge and require a creative solution.

Dynamic Website Development

Realizing the shortcomings of static websites, the development of Dynamic Website Development was initiated. Dynamic Website Development are that web programs, which shows different website content to different users or based on the geographical location of the user.

The owner of the website, with administrative rights can change the look & feel and content of the website, without the knowledge of programming or markup languages.

When you update the content of website often, it brings more and more people to visit your site frequently. These website require the database design to store the data.

Dynamic Website Development creates dynamic web pages, which are of two types i.e. Client side scripting and server side scripting. Client side scripting is like we can download the content of website; even we can modify it and upload it on site. Server side scripting is like web pages changes whenever a web page is loaded. Web pages changes when a form is submitted; inquiry is submitted, on login or sign up functionalities.

Dynamic Website Development is expensive to develop and host it on the internet. Also these websites require time to develop. Some of the examples of dynamic websites are e-commerce website, content uploading and updating websites, etc.

The final Result

  • 100% Responsive website
  • Dynamic website with Content Management System
  • SEO optimized web pages
  • JQuery & Bootstrap based layout
  • Google Analytics integrated
  • Minimal CSS & JS for faster loading

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