Complaint Management System

Effortlessly streamline and manage complaints with our intuitive and comprehensive Complaint Management System.


EC Sockets Management System

Simplify emergency communication infrastructure with our EC Sockets Management System, ensuring optimal functionality, real-time monitoring, and efficient incident response


Running Room Management System

Transforming the lodging experience for Loco Pilots, our Running Room Management System offers seamless bookings, real-time occupancy tracking, and efficient staff management for a streamlined railway journey.


Inventory & Invoicing

Efficiently manage your inventory and streamline invoicing with our comprehensive Inventory & Invoicing Solution, designed for seamless operations and enhanced business productivity.


Bike Rentals Portals

Discover the future of bike rentals with our innovative Bike Rentals Portal, offering flexible bookings, dynamic pricing, and an unparalleled user experience for both operators and riders.

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