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Transforming Loco Pilot Hospitality: Your Journey, Our Priority

The Running Room Management System, developed for Indian Railways, is designed to enhance the user experience for Loco Pilots utilizing Running Rooms for lodging and relaxation. The application features a user-friendly Kiosk for room bookings and a Display system showcasing room availability.

This comprehensive system not only improves the overall experience for Loco Pilots but also enhances the operational efficiency of Running Rooms by optimizing room allocation, inventory management, and service quality based on valuable user feedback.

Elevate Loco Pilot Experiences

Experience a seamless blend of convenience and comfort with our cutting-edge Running Room Management System. Specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of Loco Pilots, this application ensures a hassle-free experience from booking to checkout.

Gain transparency into Running Room facilities’ performance with our robust feedback mechanisms. We believe in continuous improvement, and your insights play a vital role in shaping the quality of our services.
Effortless Room Booking

Our user-friendly kiosk simplifies the room booking process, allowing Loco Pilots to secure their lodging swiftly.

Real-Time Occupancy Display

Stay informed with our dynamic display system showcasing available and occupied rooms, optimizing your decision-making process.

Wake-Up Reminders

Never miss an assignment! Our system sends timely reminders to Running Room staff, ensuring Loco Pilots are ready for their next journey.

Inventory Tracking

From food supplies to bed linens, our system efficiently tracks and manages inventory, guaranteeing a comfortable stay for every Loco Pilot.

Feedback Collection

Your opinion matters! Share your experience through our feedback system, helping us enhance our services and facilities.

Effective Utilization

Maximize the use of Running Room facilities with our system's reminders, ensuring rooms are efficiently utilized and available for subsequent assignments.

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